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History of the (Local) Chapter

The Western Mass Lacrosse Chapter started back in 1999. Below is the first ever invitation that was sent out to the Western Mass Lacrosse Community after a Lacrosse symposium was held at UMass, Amherst. Read the full invitation below.



Dear members of the Western Massachusetts lacrosse community:


On November 6, 1999, several members of the Western Massachusetts lacrosse
community attended a Lacrosse Symposium at the Mullins Center sponsored by New
England Lacrosse, Inc
., which describes itself as the Eastern New England Chapter of US
Lacrosse. During the course of the Symposium it became clear that the members ofthe
Western Massachusetts lacrosse community participating in the Symposium feel
disconnected from New England Lacrosse, Inc. as an organization and believe that it
would be worthwhile to explore the creation of a Western Massachusetts Chapter of US

The first step in proceeding to determine whether there is sufficient interest in
organizing a separate Western Massachusetts Chapter of USLacrosse is conducting an
organizational meeting, and we are therefore inviting you to attend (and asking you
please to make every effort to attend) the preliminary organizational meeting of the
Western Massachusetts Chapter of US Lacrosse.

The meeting will be held at the Longmeadow Community House on Wednesday,
January 5,2000 from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. We have enclosed directions to the
Community House.

The Agenda for this preliminary organizational meeting is also enclosed, together
with the Chapter Guidelines prepared by USLacrosse. While we have invited a wide
group of members of the Western Massachusetts lacrosse community to this meeting, if
you are aware of anyone who has not received this letter who would be interested in
attending the organizational mee
ting please invite him or her to the meeting.

We look forwarding to seeing you on January 5, 2000.