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Jan 9

Written by: washadmin
1/9/2014 2:22 PM 

The Chapter has extended the deadline to submit applications for this years Chapter equipment and athletic training grants. Information on the grants is available here where you can review the two grant options and download the forms to fill out and return by end of day on January 20th. 

A summary of the grant programs is available the above mentioned grant page or we’ve provided a quick read for you to understand the options.  Feel free to direct any questions about the program to, so we can clarify anything to help understand and help in the process of applying.

Equipment Grants

  • One of the most difficult components of starting a lacrosse program is acquiring equipment for players.  Each year the Washington State Chapter is able to provide a small amount of equipment to several first year teams and teams which have been playing for just a few years.  The grants are available for both boys and girls programs.  The type and amount of equipment will vary depending on a variety of factors but the Chapter will do its best to provide teams with equipment which will help teams to get up and running.

Trainer’s Grant

  • Many teams in Washington do not have the budget to afford athletic trainers for their events.  US Lacrosse recognizes that player safety is a key to promoting the continued growth of the sport. Working with Children’s Hospital, the Chapter has developed a grant program which will assist teams in having certified athletic trainer attend events.


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