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Chapter Hall of Fame

The Tidewater Chapter (TC) of US Lacrosse is establishing the TC Hall of Fame as a key corner stone to help protect and extend the heritage of lacrosse within the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Each year, the Hall of Fame will honor those individuals who have been most important in the development and continuity of lacrosse locally, and nationally. The chapter is rightfully proud of the origin and heritage of lacrosse, and feels honored to be entrusted with the responsibility to extend the knowledge, sportsmanship, standards and love of the game.  Inductees will be from several different categories to include coaches, officials, players, and proponents/directors who have been nominated to the TC.

Submission deadlines and induction timeframe are in development.

Click here to download the Nomination Form

If you want to be involved with the TC Hall of Fame, please email your interest to the Chapter President at: norfolklax@yahoo.com