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The Chapter serves as a geographic focal point for the education and development of lacrosse and acts as the unbiased, umbrella support organization for the responsible growth of the sport within the Tidewater area.  To protect the integrity of the sport, the Chapter strongly promotes and encourages US Lacrosse membership and adherence to USL Youth Rules and Best Practices for all area lacrosse organizations.


The Tidewater Chapter strives to reflect the following values to fully support the vision and mission of US Lacrosse:

Transparency:  Openness and integrity to foster greater support

Collaboration and Engagement:  Reaching out and establishing positive, productive relationships

Excellence:  Quality in everything done

Growth:  Expanding opportunities for all people in the community to play lacrosse

Accountability:  Good stewardship of resources and acting responsibly

Results Driven:  Focusing on defined and measurable results