National Sponsors


Southwest Virginia Chapter

The Southwest Virginia Lacrosse Association is an incorporated 501c3 entity registered in the State of Virginia with the State Corporation Commission.  As such, the SWVLA operates by a set of by-laws adopted by the SWVLA Board of Directors.  US Lacrosse provides its member chapters with a set of standard by-laws which can be modified with SWVLA Board approval.  By-laws will be posted on the site very soon.

The SWVLA has both a fiduciary and duty of care obligation to US Lacrosse as a member chapter.  The SWVLA must file annual compliance paperwork with US Lacrosse as well as tax filings with the IRS.  All personal and corporate donations of money or goods are tax-deductible to the individual or corporate entity subject to the 501c3 tax provisions promulgated by the IRS.

Those persons or corporate sponsors wishing to donate to the SWVLA to promote the growth of men's and women's lacrosse here in the Valley are encouraged to contact the SWVLA Treasurer, Marc Lucas.

Thank you.