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Welcome to the Southern Ohio Chapter of US Lacrosse.


The September 2014 Southern Ohio Chapter meeting will be held Weds Sept 17th

Time: 7 PM 

Location: Lakeside Room at Voice of America Park at 7850 VOA Park Drive, West Chester, Ohio

The Chapter will be providing dinner for attendees and discussion will center around preparation for the 2015 Spring Season!


Scott Peeler (Springboro Lacrosse Club) Named US Lacrosse Boys’ Youth Coach of the Year

US Lacrosse named the six winners of its 2013 Youth Awards, which were awarded during the US Lacrosse National Convention, presented by Champion, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. The awards are given to honor contributors to youth lacrosse around the country.

Boys’ Youth Coach of the Year

Scott Peeler – Springboro, Ohio

Given to an outstanding youth boys’ coach who embodies the characteristics of an ideal coach supporting US Lacrosse mission and vision, dedicating him or herself to his or her players and providing the best possible lacrosse experience for everyone involved. Over the last six years, Scott Peeler has helped foster the growth of the Springboro (Ohio) Lacrosse Club and its players. In addition to coaching the third and fourth grades teams, he requested and received the director of youth development position through which he meets regularly with the other youth coaches to help them improve as coaches. In his nomination letter, John Stachler, a parent of a current player, wrote, "The energy that Scott has provided the program [as director of youth development] also follows him on the field. I have never observed a coach put as much energy in truly teaching kids what the game is lacrosse is about."

Click the following link for full article:  2013 Youth Award Winners Honored


Ohio Concussion Awareness / Return to Play Law

Folks, you may have heard that Ohio has adopted a new law concerning concussions that applies to both HS teams and also youth sports organizations.  Each of our club or school sponsored organizations are covered and are required to comply.   In general, the law requires each coach and official to take a free on-line concussion awareness course, and establishes procedures for removing a player from practice or games who exhibits signs of a concussion.  The law also establishes the requirements for a player to return to play (i.e., physician or certified trainer release).  Finally, the law requires each program to provide an informational disclosure on concussions in sports to the parent or guardian of each of your players.  The form is prescribed by the Ohio Department of Health.  The Department of Health has identified the on-line courses, and has also completed the parent disclosure form.  I have set forth below a link below to the Ohio Department of Health website that contains all of this information.  NOTE:  this law is effective 4/26/13 so each Program will have to comply.  Please note that the League and the Southern Ohio Chapter of US Lacrosse are not responsible for compliance with this law:  compliance is the responsibility of each Program.  You only have the immunity and other benefits of the law if you comply by having each coach and official take the on-line training, and for Programs to provide the disclosure to parents.  

Note the requirements and training are more detailed for HS programs, and also require the players to sign off on the player and parent receiving the concussion awareness disclosure.

Everyone should read this information carefully and make sure you comply.  

The Ohio Department of Health's Violence and Injury Prevention Program is pleased to announce our new youth concussion web page,www.healthyohioprogram.org/concussion

Dan Utt


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