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Hello HS Coaches/Athletic Directors/Club Officers/Chapter Reps:

Review important items highlighted in GREEN!


Chapter Meetings are Complete for the Spring 2014 Season!

Let’s have a safe, exciting and successful 2014 Spring Season and “Good Luck” to ALL Southern Ohio Programs. Let’s bring some more hardware home to Southwest Ohio in 2014!!

Changes to the Chapter Leadership (Reminder): A new President and Vice-President were voted into office at the January meeting. Please welcome Dan Utt and Kevin Carroll as the new President and Vice-President, respectively, of the Southern Ohio US Lacrosse Chapter. Congratulations Dan and Kevin!


Remember that this is for both MS and HS and you MUST have a representative present.

HS/MS Rules Interpretation Meeting

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 26th, 2014

Site: Sycamore HS, 7400 Cornell Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242

Time: 7:00 PM

Youth Boys Rules Interpretation Meeting (Please make sure your Youth Organizations are aware!)

The date, time and locations have been set for the MANDATORY Youth Boys Rules Interpretation Meeting.  In an effort to make this easier on everyone we have secured two locations this year so choose the location nearest you!

February 23, 2014 at 5pm - Kyle Auditorium Summit HS (2161 Grandin Road Cincinnati, OH 45208)

February 25, 2014 at 7pm - Cline Elementary Auditorium (99 Virginia Avenue Centerville, OH 45458)

If you have any question please contact Wally Petry or Steve Schooler



Item                                                     2013-2014         2014-2015

Final Schedules Posted                         1/31                  1/31                       

* Make sure your schedules are posted at OHSLA and Arbiter ASAP

ALL Programs Statisticians Class          2/9                    Feb (TBD)

Coaching Begins (Acclimation)           2/24                  2/23

Rules Mtg (Mandatory)                        2/26                  Feb (TBD)            


First Full Practice Permitted               3/3                    3/2

Rosters Posted                                    3/15                  3/15

JV Preview Day                                     3/15                  Mar (TBD)

Season Begins (first game)                 3/24                  3/23

Easter                                                  4/20                  4/5

Last game for Seeding                           5/17                  5/16

Seeding/Awards Mtg (Mandatory)           5/18                  5/17

Tournament Play-In Games                    5/21 - 5/22         5/20-5/21

Tournament 1st Round                           5/23 - 5/24         5/22-5/23

Tournament 2nd Round                          5/28                  5/27

Tournament Regional Finals                   5/31                  5/30

Memorial Day                                       5/26                  5/25

Tournament Semi-Finals                        6/4                    6/3

Tournament Final                                  6/7                    6/6

Coaches No Contact Period                   8/4 - 9/1            8/10-9/7



Please note that ALL HS Teams MUST NOW USE NOCSAE Standard Lacrosse balls for ALL games. (Beyond just our HS concerns, they are also required from Youth on up to HS for both the men’s and women’s games.)

If you do not have NOCSAE labeled lacrosse balls at game time, the game officials WILL NOT PROCEED WITH PLAY.

If you are having issues with getting NOCSAE balls in time for your games, your only option may be to make an arrangements with your game day opponent to supply balls for the game.

It is recommended that you begin phasing out non-NOCSAE Standard balls ASAP!! Including for practice use at the HS and MS levels where the ball travels with more power. Again, just a recommendation!

For more details on the new Standard that has been adopted by US Lacrosse, the NCAA and the NFHS, please go to:

NOTE ALSO: You are also REQUIRED to supply balls around the ENTIRE field in 2014: 4 Balls on each end line and 4 balls on each sideline. 16 total wrapped around the field. Reset them at half-time and it may be helpful to recruit properly supervised ball boys to assist with you home games.


I have attached an updated HS Directory formatted by the latest OHSLA layout split - by Regions. This format will help you find teams by Division (I, II or Club). I will update contacts as requested.


DateSaturday, March 15th

Who: Registration is Closed.

SitesSycamore HS & Alter HS

JV Preview Game Rules:

* 1 Hour Per Game

* Two 25 minute periods

* Running Clock

* Two 45 Second Timeouts Per Half - Clock Running

** Coaches can agree to run controlled sets within their hour of play: Man-up/Man-down/etc.



We had a very successful Men’s Statistician’s Class hosted by Sycamore HS and presented by Sycamore HS Men’s Lacrosse Coach Greg Cole. Roughly 25 participants braved the early poor weather to attend what I believe was a very engaging and informative class. Plenty of participation and a big THANK YOU! to Greg Cole for making the Team Room available and doing a great job with the overall presentation. A very informative and useful class.

Please keep this in mind for next year and remember it is intended for ALL levels of men’s/boy’s lacrosse.

For those that did not attend, attached are copies of materials we handed out to the class for your use.

GAME OFFICIAL FEES (REMINDER): (Please note $5.00 increase at MS/HS levels for 2014)

HS Game Official Fees

o    Varsity - $65 per official for 3 officials or $85 per official for 2 officials (home team pays all officials) per game

o    JV - $55 per official for 2 officials or $85 for one official  (home team pays both officials) per game

CHAPTER DUES/ASSIGNING FEES (REMINDER): (Please contact Chapter Officers for question regarding both.)

Chapter will send out invoices via email.

—  HS Boys League Participation Fee $200 Per Program

—  HS Boys Assigning Fee $75 Per Team


No new updates.


To teach the game of lacrosse at all levels

To emphasize good sportsmanship, teamwork, and our traditions

To mentor our youth and provide them with life skills

To use a systematic approach to provide the best available resources to support all our members

Southern Ohio Chapter USL Based Website:

Mens Lacrosse Stats Reference Guide:  Mens Lacrosse Stats Reference Guide

GCLL 2014 HS Contacts Directory:  GCLL 2014 HS Contacts Directory

Mens Lacrosse Stats 101:  Mens Lacrosse Stats 101

NCAA 2013 Mens Lacrosse Statisticians Manual:  NCAA 2013 Mens Lacrosse Statisticians Manual

Anything else, please let me know.

Thank You,

David A. Noll

GCLL Boys HS Commissioner

937.272.8139 - Cell

937.247.5147 - Home;