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Here are a couple of facts on NOCSAE Balls:

  • NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) researches various sports products to provided guidelines and standards as to their properties and safe use.
  • The lacrosse ball has become a focal point due to recent injuries (especially at boys HS level and higher) and subsequent findings that the weight, compression, and size are not consistent across manufacturers.  Here is a link from US Lacrosse that covers the change:  http://www.uslacrosse.org/about-the-sport/health-safety/equipment/nocsae-ball-mandate.aspx


For Girls Games this Procedure applies:  We will check for the stamp at the draw (and, hopefully, every draw).  Home team is expected to provide the NOCSAE balls.  If they don't, visitor or officials can, and then a penalty is assessed to the home team at the starting draw. (This is per the USL ruling - I've received no different information from OSLA.)   If a ball is found at some draw not be to NOCSAE, we go find a NOCSAE one.  All goals stand, there's no penalty, we just move on.  If starting ball is lost, and no NOCSAE ball can be found, the game is suspended at that point. Leagues can decide how rescheduling is handled.