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Just fourteen years ago, at the turn of the century, the South Carolina Chapter of US Lacrosse was founded by four lacrosse enthusiasts whose desire was to give the kids in South Carolina the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of competing in the fastest growing sport in America. Hilton Head High School had just completed their first year of boys and girls lacrosse as the only high school lacrosse teams in the state, and Heathwood Hall Episcopal School, in Columbia, was forming a boys team to compete in 2000. Our Chapter, in 2000, formed the MBLC (Myrtle Beach Lacrosse Club) which later became the Socastee High School boys and girls lacrosse teams. Our Chapter established the SCLL (South Carolina lacrosse League) and crowned State Champions from 2002 through 2009. After considerable effort our foremost goal was achieved in 2008 when the SCHSL (South Carolina High School League) voted unanimously to SANCTION Lacrosse as an interscholastic sport beginning in 2010.

As we enter the 2014 year we are proud of the fact that we have over 25 youth and recreation lacrosse programs; over 25 college and club lacrosse programs; and over 65 boys and girls high school varsity lacrosse teams as well as quite a few junior varsity teams. Our chapter membership in US Lacrosse has gone from a couple of hundred to over 1400. There are over 750 men and women playing lacrosse in South Carolina’s Colleges and there are over 3500 kids participating in the youth and high school programs. All in all we think that is pretty good growth in a state where lacrosse was virtually unknown 14 years ago and one in which we had to confront some negative attitudes. We feel it particularly interesting to note that more than 55 kids in the high school programs, in the last 6 years have received lacrosse scholarships to college and numerous others have received increased consideration because they have played lacrosse.

An old clich├ę goes: “Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow” Well, the little “Acorn” of a few people, in 2000, grew into a cadre of hundreds who volunteered with enthusiasm and dedication to provide the opportunity for kids of all ages to enjoy the exciting and fun filled game of lacrosse. Although we are grateful to all who have been part of our “crusade” we must give special thanks to all of our coaches, both past and present, who are on the front lines with our kids. They are the ones who are responsible for instilling the principles of good sportsmanship along with the X’s and O’s as all of us strive to “HONOR THE GAME”.

We are excited to contemplate future growth as we continue to work to provide the lacrosse opportunity to all of the kids in South Carolina.

Yours In Lacrosse,

Hal Ness for the South Carolina Chapter of US Lacrosse