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Chapter Hall of Fame



To honor those individuals who have rendered outstanding service in furthering the mission of the South Carolina Chapter of US Lacrosse and whose efforts have contributed greatly to the growth of the game. The personal life and character of these individuals should be a credit to the great game of lacrosse and the South Carolina Chapter.

The Hall of Fame Committee shall be made up of a committee chairman and at large members, from the Hall of Fame, selected by the committee chairman. The at large committee members shall not number less than two nor more than five. The chairman will serve a term of three years with one year extensions at the pleasure of the chapter board.

Nominations will be accepted at any time of the year by the completion of the Hall of Fame Nomination form and mailed to the chapter offices.

The Hall of Fame Committee shall meet to review the nominations no later than one month before the scheduled summer annual chapter board meeting. The committee shall recommend NOT more than 4 potential inductees (may be less than 4) in any given year. One hundred percent (100%) of the members of the HOF Committee must approve of the nominee before sending it's recommendation to the full chapter board for a vote. An "Up" vote by seventy five percent (75%) of the total board members will be required for election of the recommended nominee.

Nominations of persons not recommended by the Hall of Fame Committee in any given year may be carried over to the following year.

An induction Ceremony may be held at a Chapter Function or other lacrosse Event convenient for the Honoree.

Each inductee will receive a plaque designed especially for the South Carolina Chapter with engraving of a personalized nature. A master plaque, which shall be on display in the chapter offices, will contain the names of the inductees and the year in which they were honored.