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HAL NESS - 2004

Honored as the first inductee to the Hall of Fame for his many years of contribution to the sport of lacrosse. His dedication and efforts have been instrumental in the creation of the South Carolina Lacrosse League and in the development of a strong foundation for the growth of lacrosse within the state of South Carolina.

MEG HENDY - 2005

An original member of the chapter board. She developed training programs for new umpires and coached championship girls high school teams. Her numerous other contributions helped speed the growth of our game. Meg's enthusiasm for lacrosse and for life provides joy to all who are fortunate to be her friend.


An original founder of the chapter and our first president, John provided outstanding leadership. His executive talents and throughtfulness have guided us on a steady course. John's personal contributions on behalf of all of the lacrosse kids in South Carolina provide additional qualifications for his induction into the Hall of Fame.


Player, coach, official, organizer and enthusiastic fan are all terms we can associate with Rich. An original board member and first commissioner of the SCLL, his many talents have aided all levels of lacrosse. As one who is always ready to step forward, we salute him on his induction into our Hall of Fame.


A standout player in high school and college, George took his teaching and coaching talents to Heathwood Hall Episcopal School where he started the boys lacrosse program in 1999. A charter member of the chapter board, George continues to promote the principles of integrity and respect for the game to the youth of the state.


Player, coach, official and organizer of the first high school boys lacrosse team in South Carolina at Hilton Head in 1999 as well as the Bluffton program in 2005. Scott was SCLL Coach of the Year in 2004 and coached the Hilton Head boys team to the SCLL Championship in 2002, 2003, and 2004. Scott was an original chapter board member, providing us with valuable insight.


Bill started the first high school lacrosse team in South Carolina at Hilton Head in 1999. Later, in 2003, while superintendent of Greenville County Schools, he raised funds and inaugurated boys and girls lacrosse teams in seven high schools. Bill's grass roots efforts formed the foundation for the growth of lacrosse in South Carolina.

PAUL BALY - 2008

Paul served as a board member of the S.C. Chapter of US Lacrosse from 2002 to 2008 where he coordinated the SCLL championships and all star games. He also hosted both coaches and chapter board meetings. Paul coached middle school and varsity teams at Heathwood Hall Episcopal School. The SCLL honored Paul as the Coach of the Year in 2006.


Bill was principal of the first high school in Greenville County to field boys and girls lacrosse teams. Elected to the Board of the S.C. Chapter of US Lacrosee in 2002, Bill's experience as Greenville County Athletics Director was invaluable to our chapter's mission and the sanctioning of lacrosse in South Carolina's high schools.


A former player, talented coach, gifted official and selfless organizer, Steve was instrumental in promoting South Carolina lacrosse in its early years, particularly at the middle school level. A true statesman and ambassador for the sport, Steve became the "Voice of South Carolina Lacrosse" at statewide events ranging from championship weekends to all star games.


Hereby inducted into the Hall OF Fame, for his considerable accomplishments within the sport of lacrosse, at all levels, and pursuits towards the growth of lacrosse in the state of South Carolina