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Where to Start

Interested in starting a new program? Perhaps a new league, a new team or a new US Lacrosse chapter? We reaIize that this can seem like a massive undertaking.

In order to help get you started and to point you in the right direction, US Lacrosse, in partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance, has compiled a document with information for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). You've got questions. Hopefully, we've got some answers.

USL Position Statement on Gender Classification  


US Lacrosse continually evaluates and upgrades its programs and services to better serve our membership.

Many of the programs and services offered by the Sport Development Department are coordinated through local US Lacrosse Chapters.

The primary objectives of the US Lacrosse Sport Development Department are threefold:

♦ To deliver resources to create and support positive and safe playing experiences for youth players;
♦ To drive adoption of USL national standards and best practices; and
♦ To increase impact and effectiveness.

For questions about Sport Development Programs and Grants, please contact us by e-mail at sportdevelopment@uslacrosse.org.


Begin Learning

US Lacrosse offers specialized training for both coaches and officials for men's and women's lacrosse. 

The USL Coaching Education Program

In accordance with the US Lacrosse Strategic Plan, the US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program has been established to create a multi-level, national, standardized education curriculum and additional resources, accessible to all coaches at every level. 

Program Goals

  • US Lacrosse aims to provide regular training opportunities in every US Lacrosse Chapter in 2013.
  • US Lacrosse aspires to certify as many new coaches throughout the nation at various levels to ensure the quality of the sport remains at the highest levels.

Program Administrators 

Program Overview 

Officials' Training Programs
US Lacrosse offers comprehensive training for both new and advancing men's and women's lacrosse officials in many locations throughout the country. 

Please follow these links for more information about men's lacrosse officials' training in your area or more information about women's lacrosse officials' training opportunities in your area.

For more information about officials' training in general, please e-mailofficials@uslacrosse.org