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San Diego County Lacrosse Hall of Fame Nomination Form

If you would like to nominate someone for the San Diego County Lacrosse Hall of Fame, please fill out the form in extreme detail and submit electronically to: dennis@paclax.org

San Diego Chapter Hall of Fame
US Lacrosse

The San Diego Chapter, with a commitment to US Lacrosse, will maintain a Hall of Fame to honor men and women, past and present, who by their deeds have made significant contributions to the game. 


Nominees to the San Diego Chapter of the Hall of Fame are evaluated on the following categories.  Each category represents the highest degree of excellence and dedication to the game of lacrosse.

            1)  A truly great player who has contributed noteworthy service 
to the game of lacrosse over the years.

2)      A truly great player.

3)      A truly great coach who has contributed noteworthy service to the game of lacrosse over the years.

4)      An outstanding player, who was also an outstanding coach or official, who has contributed noteworthy service to the game of lacrosse over the years.

5)      A truly great coach.

6)      A player who has made a truly great contribution to society.

7)      An individual who has demonstrated long, dedicated and exceptional service to the game.  (No more than one nominee per year may be inducted under this category.)

In order to be considered for nomination to the San Diego area Hall of Fame, candidates must fulfill the following criteria:

-        A nominee questionnaire must be submitted by, or on behalf of, each  candidate.

-          A candidate must possess character beyond reproach.

-          .A candidate must have contributed at least 10 (ten) years of service in the Southern California area. 


Each fall the SD Chapter Nomination Committee will meet to review each questionnaire filed to date, and all accompanying  support material.  The committee will present a final slate of nominees to the SD Board of Directors at the November meeting.  A maximum of three men and three women may be elected in any one year.   A formal ceremony will take place the following spring.

The committee shall consist of two men and two women, volunteers from the chapter and the current President of the chapter.