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Chapter Hall of Fame

To provide means by which the Richmond Chapter can honor those affiliated with the chapter who have distinguished themselves through the sport of lacrosse

A successful nominee will be presented as:

  • A truly great player,
  • A truly great coach,
  • A truly great official, or
  • A truly great contributor


Eligible members/criteria:

  • Players who attended school in the Richmond Chapter;
  • Coaches who have coached at a school in the Richmond Chapter
  • Officials who have been a member of a local board in the Richmond Chapter
  • Contributors who have given considerable service to the area in the Richmond Chapter
  • The area of the Richmond Chapter consists of Richmond, Fredericksburg, Farmville and the surrounding areas

Note that nominees who started their lacrosse career in Richmond but achieved the bulk of their greatness in another chapter are eligible.

Nomination process

  • Any member of the Chapter may nominate an unlimited number of persons by filling out a nomination form and submitting it to the Hall of Fame Committee (HOFC)
  • The HOFC will vet the nominations and determine if the nominee meets the entrance criteria for inclusion on the ballot.
  • The HOFC will maintain two panels of five voters (men’s and women’s) that will consist of at least two at-large members of the Chapter who are not members of the HOFC or the BOD
  • Panel voters will rank order three nominees on the ballot and submit the votes to the HOFC
  • The HOFC will collect the ballots and calculate votes. The two nominees for each gender with the most ranked votes shall form the induction class for that season. In the event that two (or more) persons receive the same number of ranked votes, the person included on the most number of ballots shall take precedence. Should a tie still exist, the HOFC may present to the BOD a request for three nominees or may meet to discuss for further consideration.
  • The full BOD will approve the Hall of Fame Class.     


Induction Ceremony

The HOFC is responsible for putting together a suitable ceremony honoring the successful nominees. Inductees should be presented by a person of their choosing.  The induction ceremony should be formal.

The Hall of Fame will be announced every other year (2010, 2012, etc)