The US Lacrosse Potomac Chapter strongly supports good sportsmanship, safety on the field and a wholesome playing environment within all levels in the great game of lacrosse.  Recent articles published by ESPN Commentator Quint Kessenich and US Lacrosse CEO Steve Stenersen have opened a dialog regarding unsafe or unsportsmanlike practices they believe are endangering the safety of players and the image of our sport from the youth level to the pro ranks. They offer some proposals for correction. When respected individuals of this stature speak out, perhaps we should all listen. The Potomac Chapter encourages coaches, players, administrators and parents at all levels to become familiar with these issues and help to drive necessary change within your respective programs in order to assure a consistently positive experience for all.
The Potomac Chapter believes that sport-specific training and education programs developed and offered by US Lacrosse, and those offered by our chapter locally, provide essential training for officials and coaches so that they can perform consistently according to both the letter and the spirit of the rules. Additionally, the adoption of recently-established US Lacrosse youth lacrosse rules, which are based on the physical and cognitive development stages of children, is a vital step toward establishing a consistency of player and parent experience.  Please support our efforts in this regard by enrolling in US Lacrosse coaches and officials training courses, encouraging others to do so, and attending clinics offered by our Potomac Chapter.