2014 DC Metro Girls Team

Zoe Belodeau Karson Harris Hayley Norris
Cecilia Biagini Sarah Harrison Caitlyn OBerry
Caitlin Blanche Maddie Hartman Isobel Paoletta
Alexa Bolton Sigourney Heerink Katerina Pappas
Carly Bowes Haley Henriksen Mackenzie Parcell
Tess Bradshaw Samantha Hower Alessandra Pelliccia
Kassidy Bresnahan Natalie Irwin Alexis Phillips
Ashley Britton Maggie Jackson Olivia Pugh
Mattern Burnett Erin Jacob Elena Ricci
Madison Carr Ashley Jones Sheila Rietano
Ellie Carson Sarah Jones Alexis Rieu
Alyssa Chalk Kiley Kettle Brooke Robbins
Haelle Chomo Eva Klaus Madison Roberts
Amelia Cole Eleanor Kluegel Grace Rotondo
Mary Cole Bridget Knowles Mackenzie Schuler
Abigail Dengler Elise Koehl Lizzy Schwien
Brittany Dolan Kelsea Konz Katie Sciandra
Mary Dougherty Morgan Kuligowski Campbell Shepherdson
Halle Duenkel Hannah Kurisky Marina Smith
Kelsey Dunn Kelly Larkin Charlotte Sofield
Kayla Duperrouzel Nicole Lee Jennifer Staines
Logan Edmondson Olivia Lee Brooke Stein
Kerrina Fitzpatrick Maggie Lohrer Christin Swanson
Charlotte Fix Kaitlin Luzik Kierra Sweeney
Mallory Fox Ellie Majure Kendall Swenson
Sara Frank Lauren Martin Kate Taylor
Hayden Garrett Kelly Mathews Hedy Veith
Mary Gately Maryclare Mccarthy Palmer Voorhees
Julia Golden Taylor McDaniels Maia Walters
Halle Graham Olivia McGrath Kendall Welch
Lauren Granville Natalie Miller Maggie Williams
Kate Grattan Mollie Miller Abby Wilson
Caitlyn Gunn Erin Morrissey Caroline Wiseman
Addie Zinsner


ALTERNATES: Do Not Attend Team Placement Day. Unless otherwise notified

Katie Checkosky Camryn Collette Morgan DeCanio
Claire Domshick Grace Fletcher Rebecca Harrington
Maddie McDaniel Caroline Menn Shelby Merchant
Eva Pearson Avery Prince Isabella Richardson
Emma Schwartz Wynne Whitley Aubrey Zarella


Congrats on making a team! Lots more info to follow later, but for now please reserve a hotel room ASAP. Be sure to review room type, price and cancellation policy for the hotel you book.

You are required to attend team placement day on Sunday May 4th. 11am to 3pm at Archbishop Spalding High School in Severn. Details to follow in an email. 8080 New Cut Rd, Severn, MD 21144

Here are the links for the hotels:


Upcoming Events