National Sponsors


The Ohio Chapter Mission

To encourage, foster, and promote the sport of lacrosse, as played by both men and women in Ohio.

To encourage the development of the sport at all levels throughout Ohio.

To teach the skills involved in lacrosse

To maintain and promote the highest ethical standards in all aspects of the game.

To enhance the physical health of the participants in the sport.

To act as a liason between and among local and national lacrosse organizations.

To support and develop amateur athletes for the participation and competition in lacrosse.

To solicit moral and financial support for the sport from interested individuals, organizations, corporations, and groups.

To honor men and women, past and present, who by their deeds as players, coaches, or contributors, and by the example of their lives and involvement in the sport, personify the great contribution the game of lacrosse has made to our way of life, and to enshrine the names of such individuals in the Lacrosse Hall of Fame