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Rick Jackson - COC Lacrosse Official

I am a Representative for Cliff Keen Athletic. I have worked to put together a lacrosse pricing package for lacrosse officials. I can provide you with a very good discount on lacrosse official's apparel.

Log on to our web site at

Below are some examples of the discounted prices

MLTX9 Black Lacrosse "Cold-Weather" Pants $35 KWSLR "Weather Slayer" Shirt $48 LAXSOCK Cliff Keen Ultimate Officials Sock $7 K06UM Ultra-Mesh Short-Sleeve Shirt $25 The NEW micro fiber shorts are WHITE and stay white and were designed just for lacrosse officials. We also have a new SUBLIMATION PROCESS for shirts.

Call me at my home/office if you need any apparel that you see on the web site and I will get you a very good discount.

The discounts I can provide are worth the call!

Rick Jackson - Cliff Keen Rep.
5742 Nightingale
Dearborn Heights Mi. 48127
Cell - 313-402-7546
Office (Home) - 313-565-7449


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