Shutterfly, a key supporter of the PCA Movement, has developed a tool to manage the many responsibilities of coaching and sports parenting: Shutterfly Team Share Sites, a no-cost way for teams and leagues to easily set up customizable websites in minutes.


Shutterfly Team Share Sites provide a one-stop hub for coordinating rosters, practice and game schedules, volunteer responsibilities and player availability, all through a shared calendar that sends automatic reminders. Shutterfly Team Share Sites are also a private place to gather and share pictures and videos, unlike Facebook or other public sites. You can use those photos to create high-quality keepsakes, such as team photo books or team posters.


Plus, your Shutterfly Team Share Site contains a link to Positive Coaching Principles, so that all coaches, parents and players have easy access to reminders about the PCA Principles of Redefining Winner, Filling Emotional Tanks and Honoring the Game.


You can get started on your own Shutterfly Team Share site in time for the Spring sports season at


As a coach or parent, you know the power of pictures, and you probably have a few to share with us. To celebrate Shutterfly's years of support for PCA, we invite you to send us your best youth sports photos for use on PCA's website and in newsletters and other communications materials. Senders of the five top photos as selected by PCA will receive a PCA/Shutterfly coffee mug.


And with the time you save using Shutterfly Team Share Sites, you'll be able to relax and enjoy that cup of coffee!