Our Mission

The NH Lacrosse Foundation's mission is to grow, unify, and promote men’s and women’s lacrosse in NH with emphasis in the development of youth lacrosse.   As a non-profit organization and a regional chapter of US Lacrosse, Inc we are committed to supporting the promotion & growth of men's and women's lacrosse in the state of NH.

The vitality of this organization is dependent on you the members. There are openings within the organization for dedicated volunteers who can continue the positive growth of this sport in NH. Please feel free to contact me if interested in joining the leadership. Most board meetings are now done by evening teleconference which removes the need for travel and meeting facilities.

Jack Taber
Hollis Brookline HS

Most Recent NH LF Minutes

NH Lacrosse Foundation

 Minutes of

December 12, 2012 Meeting


Attendance: Jack Taber, Marc Auger, James Reilly, Liz Petrus, Paula Rowley, Dave Salvacion, Steve Tieland, Nina Calkins.

Minutes: The minutes of the November 14, 2012 meeting were approved after a motion was made by Dave Salvacion and seconded by Marc Auger.

Financials: Paula Rowley reported that the Foundation’s TD Bank balance as of December 12 is $12,498.06. The third quarter rebate has been received from US Lacrosse.

US L Budget Process: US L wants to deactivate grants based on membership and grant them based on need. Jack Taber provided the draft budget and we’ve already received a $1,500 grant. It is very likely grants will decrease going forward. Paula asked if grant requests have ever been declined. Jack indicated that our requests may have been decreased, but never declined. The draft budget was approved after a motion was made by Jack Taber and seconded by James Reilly.

Review of NE Chapter Presidents Meeting at Foxborough: The meeting was hosted by the President of the Eastern MA chapter. Each chapter has its own uniqueness even though we have a common cause to bring lacrosse to our own areas. Rhode Island seems to have some animosity towards US L. There is a lot of diversity amongst all the chapters. We are the largest chapter based on membership.

NHYLA: Steve Tieland indicated that not much has happened since our last meeting. The next meeting will be the voting meeting for NHYLA. They are trying to find a location for CEP Level II training in mid-March or later at this point. Jack Taber will contact Kyle Boyle from US L to see when would be a good time for this training. Steve is looking to set up a Rules Interpretation meeting and would like 1 boy’s and 1 girl’s representative from each town to attend. The representatives would then go back to their towns and pass on the information.

Training: CEP training at Exeter High School will be held on March 10th. The paperwork has been submitted. Unfortunately, due to family circumstances, Liz Petrus had to resign from the Board effective with this meeting. Jack Taber asked Steve Tieland to present the open position at the next meeting to see if anyone is interested.

Officials’ Funding: The Foundation agreed to contribute to help fund officials. Jack Taber will provide a check in the near future.

Philadelphia Convention: Paula Rowley our meeting room at the Marriott has changed. The meeting will now take place from 6:00 – 7:30 in Rooms 401 & 401.

New Business:

  1. USL needs our demographic data, particularly those teams that are part of NHYLA. US L wants to know how many teams we have at each level for boys and girls. Steve Tieland will provide the NHYLA-related information.

  1. Paula is researching information on merchant accounts to see if we can get a better rate. More details will follow.

Adjourn: A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Paula Rowley and seconded by James Reilly. The motion was approved.

The next meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 12th at the National Convention.