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Maine Chapter Meeting Minutes


Meeting Notes from 2/27

  • President – Bernie Marvin
  • Vice President – Peter Gerrity (Jim Dock nominates, Joe Hezlep 2nd)
  • Treasury/Membership – Kevin Colley
  • Secretary – Dan Brannigan
  • At-Large – Dan Soule, Chris Richards, Cathie Connors
  • Webmaster and Email coordinator positions are being currently eliminated
  • MLCA Women’s – nothing for large group
  • MLCA Men’s – nothing for large group
  • MYLA – Youth, 7th, 8th grade scheduling meeting is coming up. Girls’ organizational meeting is on Wednesday, March 12th at 5:45 PM at Cumberland Town Hall. Boys’ organizational meeting is on Wednesday, March 12th at 7:15 PM at Cumberland Town Hall. Scheduling is thought to be March 13th, unconfirmed. Contact Sabrina Best at South Portland Recreation Department
  • MLOA – Rules class for those who missed it is Sunday, March 2nd at 10 AM at Lewiston High School. Referee clinics Sunday, March 30th at Cape Elizabeth, Sunday, April 6th at Windham, Sunday, April 13th at Messalonskee.
  • MWLOA – Schedules are set. Info is online at Clinics are Sunday, March 9th at Cony, Sunday, March 22nd at Brunswick, and Sunday, March 29th at South Portland. Sign up online. Referee clinic at Marshwood on Sunday, April 6th at Marshwood. All are from 9am-2pm.
  • College coaches – no representatives
  • Chairpersons – Everything was covered at the last meeting.
  • Kevin Colley – Currently have over $12,000 in our accounts for USLacrosse. State of Maine raises $100,000 a year to United States Lacrosse. We only get $5,000 a year back for the state of Maine from the $100,000. We no longer get our rebate checks. We now need to request for money from USLacrosse. We now need to raise our own money for our chapters. USLacrosse gives 56.5 cents per mile to drive out of town to start new programs for the state of Maine. Focus on youth programs first. High school programs second. Working on a plan to get both programs at the same time. Look to get the youth programs better equipment and more equipment to help the game. The referees are also allowed to apply for the money. We receive all of our money ($4,500 a year) with two chunks: first chunk is by February 1st and second chunk is by April 1st.
  • Rob Lord – Grant committee things are changing. Used to get money based off of membership in chapters, but people were getting short changed so it is now based off of the number of varsity teams per area. Budget is checked for the activity in the chapters, and the necessity and reasonability of the requests. Process is anytime between now and August 15th (first deadline). Apply for grant in two periods. First one is by March 15th with application additional to CSP. Second period is July 15th to August 15th. website is giving all chapters a website, Rob will be the webmaster for all of New York and New England (including our chapter). Rob will be getting in touch with chapter representatives to get information regarding the chapter’s news. By 2015, the amount of money donated in 2012 will be doubled to each individual chapter. The money has been pulled from other areas of USLacrosse to help grow the game more and in the correct way.
  • Jim Dock & Joe Hezlep – Maine chapter received 5 first stick grants last year, A.R. Gould, Mid-Maine, Rumford Youth, Oceanside, Lake Region, Windham among others have received $25,000 grants. We are having a hard time to give money away. We aren’t getting any requests for money or for clinics. We need more suggestions of what to do with the money moving forward. NOCSAE balls are a phenomenal idea, but we need references and suggestions of where to start with other ideas.
  • Wayne Sanford – suggest potentially making the USLacrosse officers terms longer to support more continuity than repetitive turnover.
  • Jamie Chamberlain – What about allocating some money to the referees every year in our budget? (Joe Hezlep said it does happen. We have done it before.)
  • has chapter sites currently up. Go to top right corner and click chapters.
  • Next meeting is tentative for October 16th, 2014.