National Sponsors

Board of Directors

President:  Angelo Calvello

Vice President:  Bridget Olp

Secretary:  Vince Rasa

Treasurer:  Don Germano

Officials Education & Training Director—Men’s: Paul Espinosa

Officials Education & Training Director—Women’s:  Bob Moser

High School Coaches Director—Mens’s:  Kevin Benages

High School Coaches Director—Women's:  Pete Collins

Youth Lacrosse Director—Boys’s:  Rob Snyder

Youth Lacrosse Director—Girl’s:  Michelle Sebastian

College and Post-Collegiate Director—Men’s:  Kyle Hart

College and Post-Collegiate Director—Women’s:  OPEN

Special Projects:  Tom Wood

Fundraising and Grants Director:  Maria Moran

Sponsorship, Membership & Marketing Director:  Ned Thompson

Sportsmanship Director:  OPEN

At-Large:  Helder Weil

Committee Members
Content: Lisa Harvey
Images: Steve McDonald
Content: Tom O-Grady