Officiating Women's Lacrosse

Safety, fairness and fun are essential to umpiring women's lacrosse.

The Great Plains Lacrosse Women's Umpire Association (GPLWUA) provides training and regulation for women's lacrosse umpires in the US Lacrosse Central Region. This includes Kansas, western Missouri, Nebraska, northwest Arkansas, southwest Iowa and Oklahoma north of Interstate 40.


How to Become an Umpire

GPLWUA umpire training takes place prior to each spring season. To become a women's lacrosse umpire, candidates receive a rating evaluation after completing the following (must renew each year, depending on when rating expires):

  • Attend a clinic that includes classroom instruction and on-field training in:
    • Responsibilities, ethics and professionalism
    • Knowledge and judgment
    • Positioning, field coverage and fitness
    • Game management, mechanics, procedures and administration
    • Comportment, communication and teamwork
  • Hold a current US Lacrosse membership (renewed annually)
  • Join local umpire board (GPLWUA), attend required meetings, and pay dues
  • Register with the state, if required
  • Attend mandatory rules interpretation meeting each year
  • Pass annual US Lacrosse online test
  • Send availability to local assignor
  • Do annual service for local umpire board (GPLWUA)


Official Resources

US Lacrosse manual, rules, videos, field diagrams, and more


Rating Levels

Youth Rating (Junior)
Under 18 years old or in high school. Qualified to umpires youth level games in which participants are two age groups younger than umpire

Youth Rating (Adult)
At least 18 years old. Qualified to umpire youth level games.

Apprentice Rating
Adult umpire who is qualified to umpire youth, high school junior varsity and some varsity games.

Local Rating
Adult umpire who is qualified to umpire all youth and high school games. A local umpire who has renewed his/her rating may also qualify to umpire some college games.

District Rating
Adult umpire who is qualified to umpire all youth, middle school, high school, and a variety of college games.




Tim Rodreick,
Local Board Chair

Courtney Root,

Christina Thebeau


John Dehan,
Call the Game

COLLEGE CLUB ASSIGNOR (Central Plains Women's Lacrosse League)

Courtney Root,