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Great Plains Lacrosse Chapter policies and priorities are determined by the leadership of volunteers who contribute their time and expertise as members of the Board of Directors or various subcommittees.

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Executive Board

 President  Ryan McLaughlin
 Past President Jay Coleman
 Vice President BK Christopher
 Secretary Diane Durbin
 Treasurer Carla Slobodnik
 Legal Rich Hilliard


Board of Directors

 Youth Boys Tom Hamilton
 Youth Girls Kevin Krause
 High School Boys Tim Reidy
 High School Girls VACANT
 College Mens Kevin Kelley
 College Women VACANT
 Post-Collegiate Men James Goetz
 Post-Collegiate Women VACANT
 Men's Officials VACANT
 Women's Umpires Gary Laskowski
 Website/Communications Justin Wetterer
 Education VACANT
 Sportsmanship/Diversity Jim Combs
 Events Susan Williams
 Hall of Fame Jack Yates
 Membership Holly Milledge
Nebraska Representative Stacey Taylor


Founding Board Members

Justin Wetterer

Tim Hannon

Holly Milledge

Julie Wittman

Rich Hilliard