Commitment to Training and Support!

Executive Director - Nancy Sheinbein 
While Nancy has no personal experience playing lacrosse, she has the passion and love of the game of a true laxer. Her son, Ryan, played on the club team at Bucknell University. Her daughter, Shelly, played at the D-III level for Claremont-Mudd-Scripts. Nancy is the Lacrosse Coordinator for the LA84 Foundation. The current growth of lacrosse in Southern California is tremendous. She enthusiastically assists in its development. It is very important to her that lacrosse continues to be associated with life skills and values such as teamwork, determination, respect, honor and dedication. The mission of the chapter is to bring hope to children and young adults through athletic involvement. Currently, as the US Lacrosse Greater LA Chapter president, her focus is on youth development and education. Under Nancy's direction, the California Lacrosse Convention was created to inspire lacrosse development by taking advantage of the great leaders among us. The California Lacrosse Convention represents a unique opportunity to not only share common goals but challenges the lacrosse community to examine their vision for the future of the sport.

Regional Director - Joan Russell
Motivated by her daughters in 2002, Joan started working with an energized and committed group of people to develop lacrosse teams for the girls at the high schools in Palos Verdes. As lacrosse began to spread throughout the region she helped foster its growth by becoming an intermediary between the different schools, coaches, referees and organizations providing a common source for contact and research information. During this time she served for theree years as the Communications Director for the US Lacrosse Greater LA Chapter. She is honored to serve the Chapter, the CIFSS Lacrosse Advisory Board, the Rose Bowl Jamboree, and the Southern CA Girls Lacrosse Association. Involvement with these organizations continues to give her the opportunity to actively promote the game of lacrosse to our youth and build a strong foundation for the sport in Southern Calif.