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Frequently asked questions regarding officials:

This section will help to answer some of the frequently asked questions you may have about becoming an official.  For a full description of rules and guidelines for officials go to the Education and Training section of the
US website. 

I. Requirements of every US Lacrosse rated official:
    A. Hold a US Lacrosse official's membership through a local umpiring board.
    B. Pass the written examination every year at the level of her/his current rating. The test is available on-line  
       and is open book. Pass a field rating.
    C. Stay current with the rules, their interpretation, and with official's techniques by attending an annual   
        mandatory rules interpretation meeting, held at the national, regional, or local level.
    D. Wear the approved official's uniform. See the Appendix for the US Lacrosse Approved Uniform
       (Section Seven -13).
 II. Training Clinics are offered throughout Southern California. 
   E. The girls' game is considered a non-contact sport. Umpires for youth, middle school, or high school will
        participate in a 1 day training class, take a written examination, and are rated (pass/fail) at their first game.
       Go to the EVENT section of our website for all training and testing dates.
    F. The boys' game is a contact sport. Referees need to attend a training class, pass the written examination,
       and attend field training. Go to the EVENTS section of our website for all training and testing dates.
 III. The estimated expenses for becoming a referee/umpire are:
   G. Insurance: An umpire that is a member of US Lacrosse is covered by insurance to officiate at all levels
       ( $50). The National Association of Sports Officials does offer alternative coverage for
       CIF High School games.  
    H.  The official's board fee for Los Angeles or Orange County is $50-60. If an umpire joins both, the joint
        membership is $75-100.
     I. Uniform and required equipment will cost approximately $125-$250.00. This estimation depends on your
       needs and the company used. It includes a shirt, shorts, black running shoes or cleats, set of cards, Fox 40
       whistle, yellow flag, pencil and scoring/carding card. Black kilt and black spandex (if needed) for women
       officiating girls game.  
     J. Assigner's Fee $3 per game. Not all tournaments will charge assigner's fee.  
IV. Earnings differ depending on level of play, if it is a boys or girls game, CIF, or a club game. Rates 
       are based on the previous season and are not guaranteed.