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The Houston Chapter is growing leaps and bounds and even receiving some national recognition and attention. We can not support the phenomenal growth and interest alone. All of us can contribute, whether it is time or money, big or small, every effort makes a difference.

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Each Committee has a Director who serves on the Chapter Board. Director positions available are noted. Descriptions of each committee are listed at the bottom.

  • Chapter Grants
  • Coaches Education 
  • Communications and Social Media
  • Events
  • Equipment Loaner Program
  • Fundraising - Director position available
  • Hall of Fame and Special Awards
  • Marketing and Membership - Director position available
  • New Team Mentor - Director position available
  • Sportsmanship
  • Volunteers - Director position available


A PDF document of the following is available here.

Chapter Grants Committee

  • Seek out and apply for grants for the Houston Chapter.
  • Support the New Start Program, Physical Education Workshop Program, Soft Lacrosse Equipment Grant, First Stick Program, Sportsmanship Matching Grant Program, AED Matching Granting Program and the Fast Break Initiative.
  • Serves as the frontline contact for new and developing lacrosse programs that need advice and guidance.
  • Connect with the local school, team, etc. that is applying to any of our programs and grants to ensure they understand who we are and what we do.
  • Potentially write a recommendation letter and/or ensure the US Lacrosse Sport Development Programs Department understands that the local chapter supports their grant application and initiatives.
  • Follow up with the group after the receiving a grant
  • Help support local entities who were not awarded.
  • Administer the local grant program through the chapter that provides funding or equipment to programs in need.
  • Communicate to the US Lacrosse Sport Development Programs Department who was awarded funding or equipment through the local grant.
  • Provide a complete recap of grant related activities to the chapter board including operation, budget details, applicants and awards.


Coaching Education Committee

  • Serve as primary contact to USL Coaches Training & Education staff.
  • Serve as primary clinic coordinator who works with USL on behalf of the host chapter.
  • Work with USL to complete all necessary clinic hosting materials including Intent to Host and Hosting Information worksheets.
  • Proactively seek out clinic and training opportunities through USL for coaches.
  • Report on clinic participation numbers, budget and overall turnout to the chapter board.
  • Provide USL with feedback about your clinic hosting experience.
  • Work with the Sportsmanship Director on overlapping activities.
  • Encourage coaches within the chapter area to become certified through the Coaching Education Program


Communications & Social Media Committee

  • Serve as the primary contact for chapter web content related updates, inquiries & changes.
  • Responsible for keeping all website information up to date.
  • Specifically post meeting dates, agendas and minutes for members.
  • Assist chapter with blast emails and electronic correspondence when applicable.
  • Provide the chapter board with reports on website traffic.
  • Work with USL to provide national content on chapter site.
  • Work with the various leagues and teams not represented on the board to provide communication to and from the Chapter [for example: adult leagues, college teams].
  • Work to increase followers and use of various social media platforms [facebook, twitter, etcetera].


Events Committee

  • Coordinate chapter booth or table set-ups at local high school, collegiate, post-collegiate, professional, and league tournaments.
  • Work closely with the Marketing/Membership Director and the Hall of Fame Director.
  • Coordinate all chapter special events with appointed committee members.
  • Follow, to the best of the abilities of the chapter, USL insurance and risk management.
  • Serve as chapter primary contact for U.S. National Team Clinics.
  • Contact USL with all leading event details at least 2 months prior to upcoming events.
  • Provide the chapter board with reports on budget numbers, attendance, event successes and failures.
  • Provide USL with recommendations on how national can better support chapter events.


Equipment Loaner Program

  • Coordinate loaning of the chapter equipment to schools and programs.
  • Track and analyze the loaning of equipment.
  • Work with the Event and Fundraiser Directors to obtain new or quality used equipment for loans.


Fundraising Committee

  • Serve as chapter liaison to USL’s Foundation Department.
  • Provide proposals for the chapter board to vote on supporting Team USA donations and/or annual chapter gifts to First Sport Society.
  • Develop and implement fundraising initiatives and corporate sponsorship initiatives for the chapter.
  • Provide chapter board with fundraising totals and planned drives.
  • Work with chapter Executive board to establish annual fundraising goals.
  • Work with the Chapter Grant Director to apply for various grants.
  • Work with the chapter Special Events Director to coordinate fundraising efforts with chapter events.


Hall of Fame and Special Awards Committee

  • Work with chapter board to provide a nomination process for Hall of Fame Inductees and other awards.
  • Begin a H.O.F. Committee to begin working on establishing a Houston Chapter Hall of Fame.
  • Coordinate and host chapter hall of fame and awards recognition banquet.
  • Manage budget for chapter hall of fame and awards recognition banquet.
  • Develop a process for the chapter to acknowledge people and teams for awards such as sportsmanship, honor the game, man of the year, woman of the year, etc.
  • Work with the HS Rep to establish a local Century Club for coaches. Encourage local HS and College Coaches to apply for the USL Century Club.


Marketing & Membership Committee

  • Coordinate with USL and Chapter Board for chapter marketing giveaway needs.
  • Create relationships with local college, post-collegiate and professional teams.
  • Provide USL membership information at area events for recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Develop membership retention efforts at all constituency levels.
  • Develop local sponsorships and media relations for chapter hosted events, programs & initiatives.
  • Work closely with the Events Director.


New Team Mentor Committee

  • Work with and mentor individuals, groups and/or schools interested in starting a new team, i.e. assist with startup documents, bylaws, recruiting coaches, volunteers and players.
  • Work with the Marketing/Membership Director to encourage USL membership.
  • Assist new teams in need with the USL Equipment Grant application process.


Sportsmanship Committee

  • Serve as the primary contact for USL staff specifically regarding Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Clinics and Webinars, Sportsmanship Card Program and Youth Rules Development.
  • Promote the US Lacrosse Gold Stick Standards.
  • Create and Coordinate Parent Education Clinics.
  • Coordinate with youth, middle school and high school teams to train side line administrators
  • Coordinate with Youth League Liaison to identify an annual National Youth Awards Candidate.
  • Support and spread US Lacrosse Men’s and Women’s Division Safety Campaigns and Initiatives.
  • Work with the Coaches Education Director on overlapping activities


Volunteer Committee

  • Seek new volunteers for various committees and board positions.
  • Assist Events Director with supplying volunteers for various chapter events.
  • Develop a volunteer retention strategy.
  • Provide training and encouragement to various volunteers.
  • Track volunteer hours, years, etc.
  • Assist HOF committee with Volunteer Awards [5 year, 10 year, etc.].