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The Houston Chapter is goverened by a Board of Directors. Decisions are made by this board with the input of various Committee Chairmen, Liaisons and Advisors.

Our Current Board:

Stacie McKay  
Vice President: Chip Clarke  
Secretary: Randy Brim  
Treasurer: Dan Lipnick  
At-Large: Michael Bullington  


Past Presidents:

  • Brian Ackman 2008


Committee Chairmen:

Coaches Education: Tim Proffitt  
Mike Block  
Marketing and Membership:    
Loaner Program:    
Hall of Fame / Awards:    
New Team Mentor:    



Boys Youth:    
Girls Youth: Jess Walcik  
Boys HS: Mike Newton  
Girls HS: Scott Elmore  
College: Mike Ormsby  
Womens Adult:    
Mens Adult: Bobby Jee  
Officials: Tom Jank  
USL Women's H.S. National Tournament: Leslie Duncan  
Women's A.A. Regional Chair: Chip Clarke  
Women's A.A. District Chair: Jamie Platt  
Women's Academic A.A. District Chair: Jamie Platt  
Men's A.A. Regional Chair: Joe Donoghue  


Applications are being accepted for open positions, click here for more information