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The Houston Chapter is goverened by a Board of Directors. Decisions are made by the Executive Board and Board of Directors with the input of Committees, Liaisons and Advisors.

Executive Board:

President: Daniel Saban  
Vice President: Bryan Smith  
Secretary: Donna Broom  
Treasurer: Mark Golenzer  


Board of Directors:

Chapter Grants Director: Amy Markwort  
Coaches Education Director: Michael Postus  
Communications Director: Kristi Cancelmo  
Events Director:    
Equipment Loan Director:    
Fundraising Director:    
Hall of Fame / Awards Director: Chris Menzel  
Marketing & Membership Director:    
New Team Mentoring Director:    
Sportsmanship Director: Charles 'Chip' Sitomer  
Volunteer Director:    

Past Presidents:

  • Stacie McKay Nov 2008 - June 2014
  • Brian Ackman 2007 - Nov 2008



Boys Youth: Chris Arnold  
Girls Youth: Jason Wilson  
Boys HS: Mike Ormsby  
Girls HS: Scott Elmore & Amy George  
College: Mike Ormsby  
Womens Adult: Caroline McLean  
Mens Adult:    
Umpires: Loren Tedder  
Officials: Chris Menzel  
*USL Women's National Tournament [WNT]: Bonner Evans  
*Women's A.A. Regional Chair:    
*Women's A.A. District Chair: Jamie Platt  
*Women's Academic A.A. District Chair: Jamie Platt  
*Men's A.A. Regional Chair: John Trevey  

* These Liaisons are voted on by the coaches in the region and serve at the discretion of US Lacrosse.

Applications are being accepted for open positions, click here for more information.