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Eastern Mass Chapter Hall of Fame


As some of you may know there is a New England Lacrosse Hall of Fame.  That Hall of Fame has been dormant for some years (the last induction was in 2006).  The New England Chapters are committed to reviving this Hall of Fame but in addition have decided to have local/Chapter Hall of Fames as well. Eastern Mass Chapter US Lacrosse is currently working to create the Eastern Mass Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

What is the purpose of an Eastern Mass Lacrosse Hall of Fame?  The Eastern Mass Lacrosse Hall of Fame is to recognize and celebrate the contributions and performances of those that have contributed to the growth, betterment, and success of lacrosse in Eastern Mass.  

Who will be Eligible for the New England Lacrosse Hall of Fame?  The details are still being worked on but the intent to recognize the outstanding contributions of Players, Coaches, Officials, Administrators, Volunteers, and Benefactors.

How will this work?  The details are being worked on but there will be a method for nominations to be made to a Board of Governors who will evaluate candidates and make recommendations to Eastern Mass Chapter Board of Directors.

When will this be done?  It is the intent to try to have the first induction into the Eastern Mass Lacrosse Hall of Fame in the fall of 2014.  Failing to meet that objective there will be a "less formal" Recognition Evening for 2014.

How does this impact the New England Hall of Fame?  As mentioned previously, the New England Chapters are working on restarting the New England Lacrosse Hall of Fame and specifics by which members of a local/Chapter Hall of Fame can be nominated to this Hall of Fame as well.