2014 Colorado Lacrosse Celebration and Hall of Fame

November 8, 2014 at Heritage Eagle Bend in Aurora-put the date on your calendar now! We will celebrate Colorado Lacrosse and induct the 2014 class. If you would like to make a nomination, get the form HERE! Nominations are due on August 1, 2014. 

Congratulations to the 2013 Colorado Lacrosse Hall of Fame Inductees!


Cayel Dwyer, Terry Leyden, & Caroline Cryer, the 2013 Colorado Lacrosse Hall of Fame Inductees.

Pictures of Past Hall of Fame Dinners

Colorado Lacrosse Hall of Fame Members

Class of 1994

Pam Bent
George Brown
Bill Cooper
Bob Mauney
Hank Toll

Class of 1995            

Bruce Allison
Chard P. Smith
Doc Stabler

Class of 1996

Jim Soran

Class of 2003

Christian Cook
Cheryl Plummer
Robert "Bobby" Romero

Class of 2004

Bob Hiester

Class of 2005

Mike Knezevich

Class of 2006

Mike Held
Mike Law
Philip "Flip" Naumburg
Susan "Stuey" Stuart

Class of 2007

Nancy Baruch
Ted Baruch
Mark Foster
Molly Renes

Class of 2008

Abby Burbank
Kate Dresher
Casey Jackson
Greg Sarkisian

Class of 2010

Mike Fisher
Rich Morgan
Robin Patterson

Class of 2011

Jon Barocas
Lloyd Cisneros
Rhonda Cisneros
Jamie Duke
Michelle Giarratano Secor
Jeff Secor

Class of 2012

Christopher Clark
Dave Devine
Tom Graesser

Class of 2013

Caroline Cryer
Cayel Dwyer
Terry Leyden