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CLF is committed to supporting the game in our state and growing the game responsibly.  We have established a community liaison system that will allow and open door and easy communication with our constituents.  To view the current list of community liaisions, click here

Chapter Info

Chapter Definition
A chapter of US Lacrosse is an affiliate of the national organization. A chapter unifies, promotes, and manages the many aspects of men's and women's lacrosse in its geographic area. Each chapter serves as a conduit to the national headquarters of US Lacrosse and has the authority to conduct business that conforms with the approved requirements outlined in the Chapter Agreement and Guidelines.

The purpose of a chapter is to:


  • Remain compliant with the guidelines set forth by US Lacrosse
  • Provide service to chapter members
  • Unify all constituent groups within its geographic area
  • Equally represent men's and women's lacrosse
  • Establish itself as the central source for information, programs, and events within its geographic area


Chapter Goals


  • To serve as a geographic focal point for the promotion and development of lacrosse, incorporating representation of and involvement in all levels of men's and women's play.
  • To promote and develop the game of lacrosse as an integral part of our educational process and as a means of making available to the youth of the chapter the beneficial attributes of the game.
  • To honor players, coaches, and officials whose skill and conduct on the field and in their business and professional lives inspire in the youth of the nation a high regard for the discipline of the game of lacrosse.
  • To broaden public interest in amateur lacrosse through educational programs designed to encourage the playing of the game and to make its benefits available to ever-increasing numbers of students in schools and colleges.
  • To completely understand the purpose and responsibilities of US Lacrosse - to organize all levels of men's and women's lacrosse under a given body, and to regularly and effectively interact with other chapter areas in the areas of lacrosse promotion, expansion, preservation and information networking.



CLF gives out grants to the local community throughout the season in amounts up to $500. Grant requests are submitted via email and a follow-up letter within 30 days is expected as part of the grant program.


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Chapter Compliance

Each year, a US Lacrosse chapter must complete the following by May 31 to be in compliance as a Chapter of US Lacrosse.

Board Roster

Chapter Agreement

Chapter By-Laws

Chapter Effectiveness Subcommittee Report

Conflict of Interest signed by board members

Current D&O Insurance

Financial Statement for the previous year

Proof of annual tax filing