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Welcome to The Central Texas Chapter of US Lacrosse

You are invited to attend one of the following US Lacrosse Central Texas Chapter Constituent Meetings:

The new board of the Central Texas Chapter of US Lacrosse would like to cordially invite you to attend a very important meeting we are holding on June 4, 2014. This is your chance to influence how and where we will spend money in the upcoming fiscal year. Your chapter's new Board would like to introduce themselves to you, share with you the details of our budget process, and facilitate open forum discussions and brainstorming sessions with everyone in attendance. The insight you provide and ideas you help generate at this meeting will directly affect how we shape our budget priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.

If you can not attend yourself, please send a representative from your organization. Since we'll be gathering input from many different sources, including boys youth and high school leagues, girls youth and high school leagues, officials associations, and more, and we really don't want to miss out on hearing from your organization.


What is a US Lacrosse Chapter?

A US Lacrosse Chapter is a volunteer-led, local extension of the national US Lacrosse organization that seeks to share the local responsibility of serving the lacrosse community. USL Chapters are said to share the same DNA as US Lacrosse, Inc., with a mission and vision that reflects that of the national governing body. READ MORE HERE.




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