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Welcome to was formed to better communicate information about Lacrosse in Texas in hopes of creating a centralized location for information. We aim to assist with the continued development of the growth of the sport in Texas.

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First Stick Program Announces 2013 Grants
US Lacrosse recently announced that 125 teams nationwide have been awarded development grants through the 2013 First Stick Program. Grants are designed to deliver comprehensive resources, including equipment, US Lacrosse membership and coaches training, to awarded teams. The program is geared for new and developing youth and high school lacrosse teams nationwide.

Discounted AED Units Available Through USL
AED units (automated external defibrillators) are powerful, life-saving devices and highly recommended by US Lacrosse as necessary equipment for all games and practices. For more information about AEDs and US Lacrosse's grant program for discounted units, please click below.

What is a US Lacrosse Chapter?
A US Lacrosse Chapter is a volunteer-led, local extension of the national US Lacrosse organization that seeks to share the local responsibility of serving the lacrosse community. USL Chapters are said to share the same DNA as US Lacrosse, Inc., with a mission and vision that reflects that of the national governing body. READ MORE HERE.