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Head Coach, Westlake High School - accepting applications thru June 1st

Position Title: Head Coach, Westlake High School Lacrosse Program



General Description


The Westlake High School Boys Lacrosse Organization is seeking qualified applicants to fill the position of head coach for the Westlake High School boy’s lacrosse program. The position requires the candidate to serve not only as the head coach for one of the fastest growth programs in Texas, but also as the primary focal point and leader for what is an established, diverse boy’s lacrosse program including an excellent youth feeder program and dual division Varsity program. This is a part-time position.

The successful candidate must be a natural communicator who can relate to players from freshman to graduates. Must be able and willing to communicate with players, parents, other coaches, boosters, the youth lacrosse organization and the high school administration. Serve as a role model and teaches respect for self and mutual respect towards other players and coaches. Understand the values and life lessons young men can learn through participation in team sports. Must institute a system of teambuilding and sportsmanship indicative of a top-tier lacrosse program. Is organized, structured and motivated in approach to both practices and game-day preparations. Can lead by example and demonstrate a positive attitude towards participants in the program and understands the influence he will have on players. Preferred applicants will have a bachelor’s degree. Must be involved in: fund raising efforts, outreach to other Westlake lacrosse organizations; representing the program at events and in applicable clinics.


Minimum Qualifications


Must have demonstrated progressively responsible coaching and program administration experience at the high school level or above.

Must have demonstrated progressively responsible experience managing assistant coaches or program functional chair-people.

Must be able to provide several coaching references. References should include parents from previous programs and coaches from the same division.


Essential Duties


1. Teaches and coaches the fundamentals of lacrosse, good sportsmanship, leadership, respect for teachers and adults, fair play, the importance of academics, and relates to and inspires confidence in students.

2. Communicates with the players in a respectful manner.

3. Works with the board of directors and high school sponsor in the selection and organization of a qualified coaching staff.

4. Organizes initial and ongoing team meetings and establishes team rules, procedures, and policies in writing and consistently and fairly monitors and enforces the same. Familiarity with UIL policies is a plus.

5. Abides by and enforces applicable polices on tobacco, alcohol and drugs.


6. Supervises regular practice sessions and games and is responsible for the conduct of participants and coaches at practices, games (before, during and after), and while traveling as a member of the team.

7. Leads the players and coaches in developing and instituting game day strategies appropriate to the competition; including scouting as necessary.

8. Manages facility scheduling for all events and performs field lining, occasional equipment maintenance and equipment ordering/inventory.

9. Assigns and supervises D2 and junior varsity coaching responsibilities.

10. Accompanies the team on all out-of-town games and tournaments to include riding the bus with the team as appropriate.

11. Responsible for representing program at THSLL events.

12. Leads the board of directors in scheduling games, contests, tournaments and spring break games/events.

13. Attends coaches’ meetings when called or scheduled and attends board meetings as appropriate.

14. Responsible for submitting to the board of directors.

a) an assessment of the successes and challenges of the season; b) program

needs for the following season; and c) other information as previously requested by the board.

15. Establishes and implements an off-season skills, summer travel and conditioning program for returning and interested players.

16. Assists in the organization of a season-ending banquet and participates in the same.

17. Actively participates in organization fund raising efforts, to include, but not limited to, efforts such as car washes and special camps/clinics.

18. Serves as an active ambassador to the Westlake Youth Lacrosse Organization to include participation in, and assistance in organizing a fall youth lacrosse clinic.

19. Assists and counsels players in the planning and decisions regarding post- high school lacrosse college opportunities.

20. Leads off-season skills and conditioning program.

21. As necessary, provides emergency medical treatment to players and coaches. CPR certification will be required.


Conditions of Employment


The successful applicant for the position of head coach of the Westlake Boys Lacrosse Program must undergo an extensive background check as determined by the board of directors of the organization.

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Please submit resumes to Becky Rockwell at