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Mission Statement of the Adirondack Chapter of US Lacrosse

The goals of the Adirondack Chapter of US Lacrosse are to:

  • Offer people of all ages in the Adirondack Region of New York the opportunity to discover, learn, participate in, and enjoy lacrosse.
  • Encourage the sport’s development at all levels.
  • Teach lacrosse skills and techniques.
  • Promote and maintain the highest ethical standards of the game.
  • Enhance the physical well-being of participants in the sport.
  • Support college and club levels.
  • Solicit both moral and financial support from interested citizens, groups, organizations, and corporations.
  • Honor those men and women who -- by their deeds, contributions, and the example of their lives -- personify the great contributions the sport of lacrosse has given to all our lives.


ADK Bylaws